A New and Better Way to Shop Locally

Thank you for visiting ShoppingMallSocial.com. SMS is a totally new way to shop and interact with the local business you love in your own community!

Now is the perfect time to help bring small businesses and shoppers together in a totally fun and new way. Please check out our site and learn why Shopping Mall Social is most definitely A New And Better Way To Shop Locally.

Current Locations


Central MN

Open to businesses in the Saint Cloud, Sartell, St. Joseph cities.


Brainerd Area Cities

Open to businesses in Brainerd and the surrounding areas.



Businesses located in the greater Duluth & Superior areas.

Coming Soon



Businesses located in the Fargo/Moorhead area.



Businesses located in Shurburne County


Wright County

Open to businesses in Wright County

Shop locally from the comfort of your home.

Now more then ever people have been shopping online for convenience and a host of other reasons. Buying online can be great and has its advantages.  One big problem with this, has been small local businesses have been the ones taking the hit. Thankfully we have a way to help bring the business and consumer together in a new and better way. 

Shopping Mall Social helps bring local businesses closer to the consumers then ever before by giving the shoppers the ability to communicate and interact directly with local businesses you already love. SMS is truly a local, private social network developed to help bring small businesses in a more unique and fun way.

SMS Premiere Businesses

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