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You are invited to join Shopping Mall Social Duluth Area

A new way to shop locally

Shopping Mall Social is a totally new way to shop and interact with the local business you love in your own community! Being a small business owner ourselves we totally understand the hardships small business has been facing recently. That is the reason for the creation of Shopping Mall Social. Our goal was to create an affordable, fun, and unique way for businesses to gain new exposure and customers. We want all local businesses to thrive, so we created Shopping Mall Social!


Now is the perfect time to help bring small businesses and shoppers together in an enjoyable and new way. Please check out our site and learn why Shopping Mall Social is most definitely A New And Better Way To Shop Locally. If you are a local business, this is a new and great way to showcase your business to local consumers. If you are a shopper (Professional or Amateur:) )  SMS is an amazing way to find new local businesses or a great way to interact with the businesses you already love.

Getting Started

Once you register in the market you live in, you will have the option to make your own SMS profile similar to those you already have on other social media platforms. Then grab your friends and take a trip to our new private shopping social media site. Feel free to comment, send private messages to your friends and the businesses you want more information on. Feel free to check the diverse group of businesses in your area in this site’s locations section.


So now you know what all the buzz is about! So what are you waiting for? If you are a Shopper, visit the “For Shoppers” page. If you are a business wanting to join, please visit the “For Business” page.

Stay Connected with Local Stores

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Shopping Mall Social Duluth, MN

Check out your local Shopping Mall Social.  View business profiles, get registered & connect with local professionals.


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For Businesses

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